100 year old women raped by drunk man

In A Shocking Incident, 100 Year Old Woman Dies After Being Raped By Drunk Man


Another shocking incident has come to light in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. It is reported that a 100-year-old woman dies after being raped by a drunk man on Monday. The 35-year-old drunk man raped the woman while she was bedridden, leading to her death.

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100 year old women raped by drunk man

The horrifying incident was reported from Jaani Village in Meerut where the old woman used to live with her brother. Woman’s grandson said that they rushed to her and was horrified to see a man forcing himself on the old lady. The victim tried to escape when the cries of a woman were heard by neighborhood and others. The lady was immediately rushed to hospital in a critical condition.She took her last breath at the hospital.

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100 year old women raped by drunk man

The woman’s grandson told the Times of India that the woman was so weak that “she could only manage to utter feeble cries.” Here is what the 40 year old grandson said, “We rushed to where she was and were horrified to find the man forcing himself on her,”

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100 year old women raped by drunk man

The name of the victim is identified as Ankit Punia and has been arrested by the police on charges of rape, murder, and sections of the SC/ST Act.  Although the woman died, a case has been registered against the rapist. Ankit Punia on other hand has claimed that he is innocent and has not committed any crime.

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