9-YO Girl Books Dream Trip To Disneyland

9-YO Girl Books Dream Trip To Disneyland After Guessing Her Father’s Credit Card Password

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If you have a tech-savvy kid, you need to read this story till the end! Burning a big hole in her father’s pocket, this girl books dream trip to Disneyland using her father’s credit card. She made a wild guess while operating her father’s card and really booked her dream trip to the Disneyland. And wait, the girl did all this when her father was asleep.

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According to the reports, the 9-year-old girl named Susan spent away 400 pounds on flights and a hotel gift card, 214 pounds on a VIP trip up the Eiffel Tower and 391 pounds on Disneyland Express train and park tickets all for the next day.

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9-YO Girl Books Dream Trip To Disneyland

The father was surprised when he received a notification regarding his bill after three days. The account showed three payments totaling £1005.92 (85789 INR) from his Yorkshire Bank account. Later, he explained the bank about what had actually happened and requested them to reconsider this payment. After few days, the bank considered the request and refunded the entire amount as it was termed to be a family fraud.

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9-YO Girl Books Dream Trip To Disneyland

Well, that was surely a narrow skip for the daddy!

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