Ahem! Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur Gets Cosy During Their Maldives Vacation

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Salman Khan is now famous for his marriage issues because all of his fans are confused whether he will get married or not. Earlier, there were speculations made that Salman is going to get married to Romanian model, Lulia Vantur. However, during an interview, Lulia cleared that she and Salman Khan are good buddies and there are no future plans.

The current news status about Salman Khan and his family including Lulia Vantur is they are enjoying in Maldives. The Khan family headed to Maldives to celebrate the 1st birthday of Ahil.  You will be shocked to see Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur hugging each other in public. These lovey-dovey moments between Salman Khan and Lulia are going viral on social media.

Ahem! Can you spot Lulia and Salman Khan there?

Yes, Lulia is hugging Salman Khan and having a good time in Maldives.

When the Khan family decided to click a photograph together. Hey, that includes Lulia as well.

Check the family here.

Here is the sexy mumma!

Lulia loves cycling and so does her boyfriend!

The Khan sister’s here. Just so awesome!

Oops! He is the cutest member of the family – Ahil.

Aayush and Arpita in one frame! So much of love <3