Baby Breastfeeding On This Dead Mother

This Story Of Baby Breastfeeding On His Dead Mother Will Leave You With Tears

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In a gut-wrenching images it was found that the mother died on the track while her little infant was seen latched on her breast, trying to feed. This image of the child asking her dead mother to breastfeed him has been widely shared.

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Baby Breastfeeding On His Dead Mother

In a bizarre incident from Madya Pradesh, a young lady died on the railway tracks. The body of the woman was spotted by few people in Damoh, which is around 250 km from state capital Bhopal on Wednesday morning. You can see the little in fact trying to wake his mother as he wanted her to feed him. He was clinging to his mother and also nibbled the biscuit, which was given by his mother before death. As soon as this photo was captured by people, it went viral on social media platform.

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Baby Breastfeeding On His Dead Mother

On investigation of police, it was speculated that she had fallen from the train as wounds were found on her head. It is believed that the mother died while attempting to save her baby. Further speculation also says that the woman might have been conscious for some time and at that she might have breastfed her son. When the police were taking the dead body of the woman, child’s wailing left them shaken to the core.

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Baby Breastfeeding On His Dead MotherThe two were taken to the government hospital as the child had some wounds on the body. The government hospital officials refused to take the child as there was no one who would pay Rs. 10 as the fee. Finally, a ward boy gave the fee so that the patient could be treated. Police is trying to search for the other members of the family and relatives. However, the police have found a purse, which was lying next to the woman. The purse is the only clue that can help the police to find the woman’s family.

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