This Video Of Baby Walking Few Minutes After Birth Is Driving The Internet Crazy

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Recently, a video is circulating around the social media which shows a baby walking few minutes after his birth This video of baby walking after birth was posted on  May 26, and it has been watched over 68 million times.  With more than 1.5 million shares, this video is driving the internet crazy.

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Baby Walking Few Minutes After His BirthThis 46-second video clip shows the nurse supporting the baby, who is seen lifting one foot and then the other. Posted by Arlete Arantes from Brazil. it was unclear where the video was recorded and who recorded this video. Mostly babies start walking after 9-12 months but this baby seems to be in a hurry to walk like other normal people.

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Is this miracle? According to the experts and University of Rochester Medical Center, it is said that the walking of the baby is not a miracle but a natural newborn reflex. This reflux is called as “stepping reflex,” where a baby generally starts dancing or walking when held upright with his feet touching a solid surface. This generally lasts until the baby is two months old.

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