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Bigg Boss Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide On Facebook Live Video


Just a few days after 24-year-old Bengaluru student attempted live suicide in Mumbai, the internet went crazy. 24-year-old Arjun Bharadwaj died while shooting “dead” tutorial live on facebook. Another similar case comes from Bengaluru when Bigg Boss Kannada winner, Pratham attempted suicide on facebook live video.

Bigg Boss Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide Pratham went online on facebook video and was talking to his fans after consuming pills. Pratham was live around 5 am and the video lasted upto 20 minutes. Pratham spoke to his fans that he was upset with the rumors about his personal and professional life.

Pratham spoke about various rumors that targeted him and also shared that such things have affected his adversely. The Bigg Boss winner was rushed to hospital in Nagarabhavi by his close friends and was attended immediately.

A close source to Pratham said that he has also filed a FIR against his missing laptop and a hard disk which contained his yet to be released debut directorial attempt Devrawne Budu Guru.

Bigg Boss Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide Although live facebook suicides have been common in India, it is for the first time when a celebrity took on facebook and recorded his suicide with his fans. What Pratham did today morning may panic his fans and also other people around.  Facebook live video feature has unknowingly helped people to leave with a live suicidal note which may urge other teenagers and individuals to suicide publicly.

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