BJP Tried To BAN This GST Scene From ‘Mersal’

BJP Tried To BAN This GST Scene From ‘Mersal’, But Was LEAKED Online & Went Viral Instead


Social media platform bursted with reactions after Modi government introduced the GST policy in India. In fact, it is believed that GST phase was a difficult phase to be digested by the Indians . Initially, it was quite difficult to understand GST and once they understood about it, people took on social media to express their opinion on the same. Meanwhile, GST scene from Mersal which mocked the tax reform.

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BJP Tried To BAN This GST Scene From ‘Mersal’

BJP government stood against the GST scene and wanted it to be deleted from the movie. The GST scene irked Tamil Nadu BJP government and they are trying to ban it. Where BJP government was trying to ban the GST scene, this 1.20 seconds video was leaked online on social media. The video went viral with more than 3,900 likes and 5,200 retweets.

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BJP Tried To BAN This GST Scene From ‘Mersal’

The video clip is circulating around the media which says, not just Tamils, but everyone can understand what the actor is saying! This has attracted attention from people with different languages in caste in India.

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In this scene, you can see Vijay saying about Singapore where GST is only 7% on Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the country can easily afford to provide free healthcare services. He further went on saying that India is unable to provide the same while levying a 28% GST. He further raises a question that why do people need to pay 12% GST for medicines, but there is no GST imposed on liquor.

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BJP Tried To BAN This GST Scene From ‘Mersal’

While BJP government is rallying against this scene of the movie, social media has made it easy for the people to watch it. Meanwhile, producers have also offered to remove the scenes in question if required.

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