Columbian woman Ate $7000 cash

This Woman Was So Angry On Her Cheating Husband That She Ate $7000 Cash

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There are several stories coming up on how to take revenge on cheating partners. There is no denying fact that cheating your partner is a crime and hence the way you deal with this situation surely matters. Here comes a similar situation when a woman finds her husband cheating on her, what she does next will leave you shocked!Columbian woman Ate $7000 cash

The woman who caught her cheating husband ended up swallowing $7000 cash after the argument. Sandra Milena Almeida, a 28-year-old woman from Colombia ended up eating all her husband’s saving because he was cheating on her.

Columbian woman Ate $7000 cash

The husband used to save some cash secretly because he was planning to leave Almeida. The man decided to hide cash from his wife after he came to know that all his savings and bank account are handled by his wife. To bring a solution to this matter, the man secretly tried to save money without the knowledge of his wife.

Columbian woman Ate $7000 cash
The man was able to save $7000 cash which was swallowed by his wife soon after she confronted her cheating husband. The woman was so angry that she literally gulped up the whole cash and was later admitted to hospital. On reaching the hospital, the doctors thought she was on drugs but the X-ray reports revealed about small packets which were blocking the intestine and stomach.

Columbian woman Ate $7000 cashThe doctors were able to recover 57 notes after cleaning and drying them out in the operating theater.  While other notes were lost because of the gastric fluids. The extracted money has been handed over to police and the judge will decide how to divide them in between the partners.

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