This Country Is Selling Shoes With ‘OM’ And Beer Bottle With Photo Of Lord Ganesha

This Country Is Selling Shoes With ‘OM’ And Beer Bottle With Photo Of Lord Ganesha


There are many cases registered in India against people who hurt Hindu or any other religious sentiments in the country.  We have been so emotional and patriotic for our country but we dislike anyone speaking against it. From celebrities to common people, every one of us slammed those haters who spoke against the country India.

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Well, today we would like to talk about the country which is selling shoes with ‘Om’ written on it. No that’s not enough, their beer bottles contain the photograph of Hindu God, Lord Ganesha. Yes, these Om bearing shoes are still available online on the various website for the amount of $59.99. The websites claim to deliver the shoes with a promised delivery in 3 days from US and 4 days globally.

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These items are sold on the website, According to the reports, was selling Om bearing shoes while other US website, sold beer bottles with the image of Hindu God, Lord Ganesha.

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However, these reports have been taken seriously and a formal letter has been sent to the Ministry of External Affairs seeking the removal of the offensive products. The letter further spoke about FIR against these defaulters website.

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Earlier doormats with Indian flags were online sold by the Canadian arm on Amazon.