Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1

Risking Lives Their Own Lives, This Adventurous Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest

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Every one of us has seen destination weddings happening everywhere. From getting married on beaches to enjoying a Royal wedding at a palace, wedding venues have played the most vital role. Some people opt for royal marriage while some others opt for the unique and rare destination to exchange the vows.

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1This time a couple got married on Mt. Everest and the pictures from this wedding are taking the internet by storm. Yes, you heard it right! This travel enthusiast couple trekked all the way to Mt. Everest to get married. The couple reached the Everest base camp to take marriage vows and tie a knot.

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1To make this wedding a memorable one, the couple hired world’s famous photographer, Charleton Churchill, from California. The couple got married surrounded by an orchestra of mountains. It is said that the venue was suggested by the photographer itself.

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1James Sissom, 33-year-old and  Ashley Schmieder, 32-year-old from California traveled to Nepal to make their marriage a special one. The couple spent almost a year in planning the grand project of their marriage. A lot of efforts were taken by the couple to reach the base camp at 17,000ft above sea level to exchange rings.

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1Trekking through the snow, it would have been the most special moments for the couple. Here is what Ashely, the bride told Daily mail,

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1“As much as we would have loved to share our special day with our family and friends, we were both drawn to the idea of eloping during an incredible vacation. We both are avid lovers of the outdoors and had experience at altitude up to 14,000ft, but we knew the three weeks Everest Base Camp trek would be far more physically and mentally demanding than anything we’ve experienced,”

This is for the first time when a couple got married on a Mt Everest. The couple wanted an adventure wedding and hence they chose Mt. Everest as the perfect location to exchange vows. Due to climate change, the couple had only an hour to exchange the vows and wrap up the whole thing. The bride survived by carrying an oxygen cylinder till the base camp.

Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest 1The trio flew back on a helicopter from the base camp as the weather conditions did not allow the couple to stay there for a long time.

Wasn’t this an excellent wedding?