Couple Was Caught Getting Intimate In Public

This Couple Was Caught Getting Intimate In Public, Judge’s Punishment To Them Has Shocked Everyone

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According to the judge from Painesville, Ohio, justice is best served unconventionally. He believes in a philosophy that “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Working as a judge for 21 years, 66-year-old Municipal Court judge Michael Cicconetti is known as a creative judge who comes up with the strangest and weirdest decision ever.

Judge Michael Cicconetti on Couple Was Caught Getting Intimate In Public
The defenders standing against the judge can’t predict what has to be done next. Well, a similar incident happened when a couple was caught getting intimate in public and was dragged to court. According to the society, getting intimate in public park was against the law and order.

Couple Was Caught Getting Intimate In Public

The judge, who has always been reelected since 1991 was the person who handled the matter of this couple. As a punishment, the creative judge asked the couple to clean the park along with the preventive measures used by them.

Apart from this, the couple getting intimate in the public park were asked to buy an advertisement in the local newspaper apologizing to the whole city and to everyone who had seen their act.

MICHAEL-CICCONETTI on Couple Was Caught Getting Intimate In PublicEarlier, Cicconetti also gave a judgment to an Ohio housewife who left 35 kittens in a jungle during winter days. The judgment given the judge was she had to spend a night in the woods of the forest with no water and food. She was also made to pay the fine.

Well, this is how Cicconetti handles all the situation.

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