Is India’s Most Wanted Man, Dawood Ibrahim Dead?

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Dawood Ibrahim, an underworld don who fled away from India during 90’s is currently in Pakistan. Since then, the don has been doing a lot of things in Pakistan and Dubai from attending big parties to going for cricket matches.

Dawood Ibrahim DeadWell, recently comes a news that Dawood Ibrahim, the India’s most wanted man has suffered a massive heart attack. Dawood was admitted to a Karachi hospital after a heart attack and is currently in the critical state.

However, there is unconfirmed news about Dawood’s current condition. Few leading portals have also quoted that Dawood might be dead. Another report claims that the underworld don Dawood suffered from paralytic attack due to which he was admitted to the hospital. It is speculated that Dawood Ibrahim is on a ventilator.

Dawood Ibrahim DeadDawood is currently 61 years old and is the most wanted man in India for severe cases including 1993 bomb blast, which left 300 left dead. The confirmation may not come from Pakistan, as it would be an admission that Dawood is in Pakistan. Dawood has been provided a safe place in Karachi after he fled away from India after 1993 bomb blast.

Dawood Ibrahim DeadDawood earns 40 percent of his income from drug transaction with ISI and he has also been a cash spinner, who provides a fund to a terrorist group in Pakistan. However, when asked about Dawood’s condition to Chota Shakeel, he dismissed the rumor and said Dawood is doing good.

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