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Dhinchak Pooja Is Back With Her Tortuous Song And Your Ears Will Bleed After Hearing This


From Swag Waali Topi to Diloh Ka Shooter, Dhinchak Pooja has managed to grab a headline with the bad choice of the song she sings! This girl from Delhi has managed to become an online sensation overnight, thanks to her cringe-worthy songs. The famous Youtuber is back with her song and I’m sure your ears will bleed after hearing this!

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Dinchak Pooja is back with Aareen Fatima video and you’ll die after hearing this song!

Recent news says that Dhinchak Pooja is all set to throw her swag in the Bigg Boss House.  Dhinchak Pooja is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house along with Priyank Sharma. Talking to a leading newspaper, she said that when she was approached for the first time, she was making some song and hence she did not come. Talking about how she plans to play inside she said, “The show is a huge hit and I won’t be a part of it to gain experience. I don’t have any strategy in mind that how I am going to be once I am in. I just want to be myself and deal with situations and issues as they come.”

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We are totally excited about her entry into Bigg Boss House. Till then, you can enjoy the cringe-worthy song of Dhinchak Pooja above.

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