Doctor From Chennai Who Charges Rs. 2

Meet ‘Two Rupee Doctor’ From Chennai Who Charges Rs. 2 To Treat His Patients

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Vijay floored the audience after he played the role of 5 Rupees doctor in the blockbuster, Mersal. But today we introduce you to ‘Two Rupee Doctor’ from Chennai who has been charging Rs. 2 to treat his underprivileged patients. We are talking about 67-year-old Dr. Thiruvengadam Veeraraghavan from Chennai who is known by the name, Two Rupee Doctor.

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Since he finished his medical degree in 1973, he has been treating patients by charging Rs.2. He completed his medical degree from Stanley Medical College and initially used to accept. Rs. 2 as his fee. He later increased his fee from Rs. 2 to Rs. 5. He became so famous for charging less amount from his patients that all the doctors from the neighborhood gathered together and protested against him. Rest of the doctors wanted him to charge at least Rs. 100 as consultation fee.

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Doctor From Chennai Who Charges Rs. 2

Later he stopped taking money from his patients altogether. In fact, he made an arrangement that they could pay him with whatever is affordable like biscuits, little money, food or nothing at all. He attends his patients at a clinic in Erukancherry from 8 pm to 10 pm and near Vyasarpadi between 10 pm to midnight or maybe even later.

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Since Thiruvendagam was an Associate Fellow in Industrial Health (AFIH), a corporate hospital hires him for screening job candidates which gave him a steady income. Here is what he reported to the TOI,

“I studied without any expenses, thanks to the policies of former chief minister K Kamaraj. It made me resolve not to charge patients,”

He is truly an inspiration to others!

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