Meet The Cute Old Couple From Vodafone 4G Ad, Who Are Padma Bhushan Awardees

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If you watch IPL these days, then you might have surely seen the Vodafone 4G Internet ad. What we loved more than the Vodafone network is the cute old couple who goes around Goa and live their life. Well, you need to meet Shanta Dhananjayan and V.P. Dhananjayan the latest brand ambassadors of Vodafone 4G who are now famous as Asha and Bala from Vodafone SuperNet 4G ads.

elderly couple from vodafone 4g net 2The couple was seen shaking their legs with each other and enjoying in Goa. We also saw them partying and having a good time in the place. Further, the ad supports Vodafone’s feature of easy video calling, sending messages, access to maps, video sharing and video calling feature.

elderly couple from vodafone 4g net 2You can also see the cute old couple from Vodafone 4G ads making a tattoo.  Interestingly, for the old couple who have been performing with each other for more than 60 years, Vodafone made this happen in just a few minutes! The ad was shot in just six days with so much of natural emotion and fun coming up. The old couple was excited to work with the Vodafone team to shoot this add and the most adventurous part of the ad was doing paragliding on the beach, which was again a part of the ad.

elderly couple from vodafone 4g net 2The couples are founders of the Adyar-based dance school Bharata Kalanjali, who won the Padma Bhushan in 2009 for the contribution to Bharatnatyam. The couple who teach dance and run a business in Chennai ended up giving us the most enjoyable and memorable add on the TV. No matter what, the couple is so adorable that you will not want to skip the ad, instead you will watch the whole thing.

What is what Dhanjanjay told,

“Nirvana Films (production house) approached us to do this campaign. When I heard that Prakash Varma is directing the Vodafone ads, which are written by Ogilvy, we ventured into it. When they explained the copy, we found it very interesting. It was not like the usual ads. These were characters we were enacting.”

“When we were approached, it sounded pretty interesting and we really didn’t think this was going to end up becoming such a large scale (campaign). It turned out to be very different from what we had envisaged earlier.” Shanta told the portal.

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