fat cop who was trolled by Shobhaa De

Remember The Fat Cop Whom Shobhaa De Trolled? You Won’t Believe How He Looks Now

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Shobhaa De is a renowned columnist who is appreciated for his tweets and speeches. A few months back, Shobha was trolled after she tweeted an image of an over weighted cop and identified him incorrectly. The columnist posted the image of the cop and sarcastically said “heavy police bandobast across the megalopolis”.Fat Cop Whom Shobhaa De Trolled

After being trolled by Shobha De, the cop went to Mumbai for a weight loss surgery. MP police inspector Daulatram Jogawat, underwent a surgery at a  Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital. Further reports said that the surgery lasted for 1 hour 30 minutes.

The cop underwent Gastric Bypass surgery which helps to curb the food and also nutrients. According to the doctors, this surgery can help him to lose 80 Kgs in a year.

The treatment which costed around Rs. 4 lakh was offered to  Daulatram Jogawat free of cost.  Here is what the officals of the hospital told, “If the Madhya Pradesh government wishes, they can fund the cost of treatment but we are not charging the patient,” stated the officials at the hospital.

Further,the cop also shared that his overweight issues were not due to over consumption of food but was actually due to imbalance of insuline in the gall bladder which he started facing since 1993.

The cop who weighs around 180 kgs said that, “I am hurt with Shobhaa De’s tweet poking fun at me. I have put on weight due to insulin imbalance, followed by my gall bladder operation in 1993,”

Well, here is how police inspector Daulatram Jogawat looks like now.  It is said that the cop has lost 15 kgs in a month and has resumed to his daily routine. He looks quite fit. isn’t it?

Here is what the cop said, “I feel much lighter now. I think in a month or so, I’ll lose more fat and the difference will be apparent,”

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