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10 Times Our Netas Were Caught Doing Hilarious Things Infront Of Camera. What Rahul Gandhi Did Is Epic

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Indian politicians are epic! From their dressing style to giving speeches, they have left the media to talk about. They travel throughout the day meeting several people and doing several inappropriate things as well. These politicians are so comfortable doing weird stuff that they don’t mind camera capturing them in these funny poses.

Check out several times when Netas were caught doing hilarious things in front of the camera.

1. This is how we welcome people in India. 

2. Oops! They got just too close!

3. This is how we show our vote rights! 

4. Because politicians are always active in the house!

5. When Rahul just acted to carry an empty plastic bucket on his shoulder. 

6. Was it 755th birthday of Sheila Dixit?

7. Muh main pan parag ! 

8. What are doing Kejriwalji?

9. The VIP culture in India.

10. When Kejriwal refused to walk on his own.

11. And here is the titanic moment from the leaders! 

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