In A Heartwarming Video, This Bride Suffering From Cancer Throws Away Her Wig During Wedding

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Jamie Steinborn, the bride suffering from cancer throwing away her wig during a wedding ceremony is appreciated for her fearlessness. Jamie Steinborn who got married to fiance John Stephenson on 12th May decided to throw her wig on the wedding day before tossing the bouquet.

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bride suffering from cancer throws away wig at weddingGenerally, a bride needs to toss bouquet on her wedding day on her sisters and other female friends to catch. Jamie decided to throw her wig before tossing the bouquet in the wedding. The video captured the exact moment when the bride throws her wig before turning around while dancing in the ceremony. Jamie wanted to surprise her fiance as well as her relatives by tossing her wig instead of the bouquet in her wedding. The woman then turns back and flings the floral arrangement as per the tradition.

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Check out the heartwarming video here.

Isn’t that heart warming?