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How Manisha Koirala Looks Now Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

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Manisha Koirala, who was a leading film star during 90’s was back in news for battling cancer. The actress will celebrate 5 years of successfully living a no- cancer life. The actress who left everyone awestruck with her spirit is all set to impress you with her upcoming movie, Dear Maya.How Manisha Koirala Looks Now

We were able to get our hands on this video of Manisha Koirala and was shocked to see what the actress is up to now. This video featuring Manisha Koirala’s real life has left us with a jaw drop. The video shows Manisha Koirala looking outside the glass pane through the window. Her pain struck eye and face will leave you with tears.

However, we were worried after looking at her recent picture but then it was discovered that it is all for the reel. Like said, directed by Imtiaz Ali, Dear Maya is an upcoming movie featuring Manisha Koirala in lead role.

Talking about the bold actress, she discovered ovarian cancer in 2002 but successful battled the disease. She was mentally prepared to fight against the disease and also gained huge support from her family and friends. Manisha once opened up about Salman Khan’s love, support and help while she was suffering from cancer.

We hope her comeback spirit will impress the audience.  You can check out the complete video here

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