How Much Virat Kohli Earns From One Instagram Post 2

You Won’t Believe How Much Virat Kohli Earns From One Instagram Post

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The meaning of Virat for Indians and cricket fans is majestic! Slaying cricket and anti-cricket fans with his smashing records, Virat Kohli has won millions of hearts in last few years. Today, the cricket legend turns 29 and it is surely a celebration for all the Viratians around the world. Virat Kohli is not only recognized by his cricket records but he has emerged to be the most expensive athlete in the world. Virat Kohli has now emerged more valuable than Lionel Messi. The captain who earlier charged Rs 2.5 crore and Rs 4 crore a day has now increased his fee to Rs. 5 crores. According to the reports, it is said that apart from the fees hike, Virat has many confidential clauses included in the advertising or product endorsing contracts.

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Virat’s fan following is not only limited to India, but he has emerged to be the king throughout the world. All the way from UK, US and other western countries, Virat has garnered love and respect from his fans. With millions of followers on Instagram, Mr. Kohli is one among the highest following Indian cricketer.

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With a total of 16 million fans on Instagram, Virat Kohli earns Rs. 3.2 Crore per Instagram post! Yes, you heard it right! This young man has been making Rs. 3.2 crores per sponsored post on this popular platform. The ultimate youth icon makes sure he promotes brands and goods for millennials. According to the Forbes, Virat Kohli has now named as the most expensive Indian athlete.

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