India’s First Dog Hotel Will Treat Your Pooch With Velvet Bed, Private Balconies & Many Luxury Facilities

India's first dog hotel Critterati 2

The Critterati hotel in Gurugram is India’s first dog hotel which promises to give your pooch the best kind of luxury treatment. This South Asia’s luxury hotel will serve your dog with non-alcoholic beer specially imported from Belgium along with other high-class amenities.

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It provides a huge velvet bed for your dog! Oh wait, the velvet bed is accompanied by television and a private dog-flap leading onto a balcony. India's first dog hotel Critterati 2

According to the reports, it is said that this luxurious facility costs around ₹4,500 for one night. India's first dog hotel Critterati 2Also Read: This Stray Dog Crashed Their Wedding, How The Couple Reacted Is Heart Melting

The dogs can enjoy their vacation with Ayurvedic massage oil and rooftop swimming pool. India's first dog hotel Critterati 2

Chief executive Deepak Chawla said he opened Critterati in order to offer the wealthy an alternative to more down-at-heel facilities in India.India's first dog hotel Critterati 2Also Read: Not Husband, But This Bride Got Her Pet Dog’s Face Etched On Her Mehndi

Chawala said,

‘No decent dog owner would want his dog to stay in those places. An animal is more loyal than human beings, they will do anything for us so they deserve it.’

India's first dog hotel Critterati 2

The hotel served chicken and rice to the dogs. Apart from this, the hotel menu card also features muffins, pancakes, and ice-cream, with bacon and vanilla flavor.  You can also see hotel workers giving the best haircut to your pooch in a luxurious spa in the resort.

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Here is what Mr. Chawla said,

‘Here things are quite different. It starts from 7am with potty breaks, then breakfast, then again a potty break, then play sessions for around two hours, then swimming sessions, then again play sessions, plus time in the café.’

Apart from this, there is also a 24-hour call available in the hotel.

India's first dog hotel Critterati 2

These pictures prove that the hotel is pawsome!