Internet Does Not Want You To Show These Embarrassing Photos Of Akshay Kumar

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There is no denying fact that today Akshay Kumar is one among the best-dressed celebrity not only in India but throughout the world. He has been named as one among the macho men in the industry. However, when it comes to past of Akshay Kumar, he was best in his own way. From his hairy chest to weird face expressions, Akshay Kumar pulled off weird things with a unique swag.

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Throughout his career in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has given us some really bad and weird photos, which we feel cringe worthy talking about. Have a look at these photos will embarrassing photos of Akshay Kumar which he wants to delete from the internet.

1. This weird photo of Akshay Kumar giving ghastly pose with his hairy chest.

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2. Looks like Akshay Kumar wanted to give some serious pose, which resulted in something really funny. 

3. Here is another hilarious photoshoot of Akshay Kumar from the past.

5. Look at the intensified pose of Akshay! Also look how Karishma is holding him.

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6. Looks like Akshay Kumar always loved to flaunt off his hairy chest. Isn’t it?

7. Because the Khiladi of Bollywood loves to flaunt it again with style. 

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8. He never loves to button up his shirt! 

9. That was really bad Akshay! 

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10. When you actually dare to wear snake as an ornament around the neck. 

11. Looks like Akshay Kumar needs some serious lessons to choose clothes according to his body size. 

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