This Kid’s Angry ‘Cute’ Moment During Hardik Pandya’s Knockout Due To Jadeja Is Too Cute To Be Missed

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Now the nation wants to know, “Why did Jadeja do this to Hardik Pandya”. Every cricket fan suffered a minor heart attack after Hardik Pandya’s run out due to Ravinder Jadeja. While we all were biting nails and were nervous to see the match, this little Kid’s Angry ‘Cute’ Moment During Hardik Pandya’s Knockout is just too awesome!

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Kid's Angry 'Cute' Moment During Hardik Pandya's KnockoutAfter knowing that India lost against Pakistan, this kid literally broke down. He could not control his emotions and said that the players had used wrong tactics and strategy due to which they lost the match against the rival team. Showing off his cricket knowledge, this kid sweetly complains that Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli would have played better in the match.

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Kid's Angry Cute Moment During Hardik Pandya's Knockout

He went on complaining about the cricketers and the little kid could not control is emotion. This video was captured by a woman (probably a family member) who saw the kid literally breaking down after India’s loss against Pakistan. This video was posted on Facebook and has literally got more than  2.5 lakh views and more than 10,000 shares in just a day. Check out the video here-

Pakistan defeated India by 180 runs and this loss of India was literally unacceptable by the Indian fans. From heartbreaking videos of Indians breaking TV to holding a protest against Virat, India’s loss has to be taken too far and personal as this example of Kid’s Angry ‘Cute’ Moment During Hardik Pandya’s Knockout. Well, we hope India learns from their mistake and come back soon.

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