Kolkata will hold A Special Screening Of Padmavati

The First Indian State Which Might Hold A Special Screening Of Padmavati


It looks like the controversies surrounding Padmavati will never come to an end! From a dead body hanging at the fort with the threatening letter to Padmavati supporters to threats of beheading Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavati has provoked a lot of controversy in the country. Protests are going throughout the nation including the UK where Rajput communities have threatened to burn the theatres which will screen Padmavati.

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While several state ministers and political parties have banned the screening of Padmavati, here we introduce you first state of India which might hold a special screening of Padmavati. West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee has invited the movie with open arms and asked the ace filmmaker to hold a special screening of Padmavati in the state. She said that Bengal would be proud and happy to screen Padmavati here. Not only West Bengal but Kerala Congress Minister has ensured the release of Padmavati in the state.

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Here is what Mamta Banerjee reported to Mumbai Mirror,

“If they cannot release it in any other state, we will give special arrangement for Padmavati. Bengal will be very happy and proud to screen the film,”

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Several organizations around the country have been opposing the release of the movie. Till now, few states including Gujarat has called a ban on the movie in the state. On November 22, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani declared his government would not allow the release of Padmavati in the state. Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said that the movie has distorting facts and hence it can not be released in the state even if Censor Board approves it.

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Padmavati was scheduled to release on 1st December but it has now been deferred. Directed by Sanjay Leela bhansali, the movie stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in lead roles.

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