Louis Vuitton toilet worth Rs. 65 lakhs

Someone Created Toilet Out Of Louis Vuitton Bags And It Costs Rs. 65 Lakhs

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If you have an excess bank balance, this might be the right way to disburse your money! Someone just created toilet out of Louis Vuitton Bag and boy oh boy, it costs a whopping amount of Rs. 65 Lakhs.

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Louis Vuitton toilet worth Rs. 65 lakhs

One of the most valuable and richest brands, Louis Vuitton is here with a brand new toilet. According to the reports, an artist has made a toilet after collecting the Louis Vuitton bags worth Rs. 9 Lakh and the total price of the toilet has gone up to Rs. 65 Lakhs. Apart from the bags, the artist has also used Rs. 1.9 lakh suitcase to complete the manufacturing of the toilet.

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Illma Gore is the artist behind this fully functional potty which was featured in the showroom as well as the website on Sunday. Covered in the trademark Louis Vuitton monogram, the fancy toilet is golden and brown in shade. According to the description, artist Illma Gore used 24 Louis Vuitton bags and it took three months to complete this task.

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Louis Vuitton toilet worth Rs. 65 lakhs

“I won’t be sitting on it personally, I think that’s a bit lewd for an event but people will be able to sit on it, interact with the piece as well,” the artist said the CBC.

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