Remember Lucky Ali, Popular Singer From 90s? You Will Be Shocked To See His Transformation

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90’s song could not be better without Lucky Ali. Lucky Ali is a famous and popular singer from 90’s who is no more active in the industry like before. These days the singer is performing live shows for those who matters for him the most. He has been the man who believes in giving back love and respect to those who give him.

lucky ali now and thenHis music rights are the same, it still manages you rejuvenate yourself. The song can kick up with a whirlwind of memories in your minds and also make you feel refreshed. The man who kept wandering for various jobs finally became a famous singer in the industry. The enigmatic singer finds peace in doing performance and hence he continues to do so.

The singer has completely changed and his recent avatar will leave you shocked. Check out some recent photos of Lucky Ali here.

1. The 59-year-old singer looks unrecognizable now! 

Lucky Ali now and then

2.He is often spotted singing at live concerts. Lucky Ali now and then

3. Lucky Ali has lost his interest in Bollywood and hence he is pursuing his hobby through singing at live concerts. 
Lucky Ali now and then

4. This transformation of the enigmatic singer is surely shocking! Lucky Ali now and then


What do you think about this transformation of Lucky Ali? Should the singer come back to Bollywood?