M.S Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva Joins Instagram, Becomes An Internet Sensation Overnight

M.S Dhoni’s Daughter, Ziva Joins Instagram, Becomes An Internet Sensation Overnight

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M.S Dhoni also known as captain cool is known for stumping his opponents with lightning speed. From passing the opportunities to the youngsters to mentoring the new joiners, M.S Dhoni has won millions of heart with his kindness  Adding madness to the Diwali festival, M.S Dhoni’s daughter Ziva Dhoni has joined Instagram and people could not stop drooling over the cute kid. Yes, Ziva Dhoni is on Instagram and needlessly to say, all her pictures are simply drooling worthy.

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M.S Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva

Ziva is stealing the attention by her own, thanks for her cuteness! Ziva Dhoni joined Instagram on 17th October 2017 and Instagram feels she is the best Diwali gift for all the Maahi fans. She is the first girl and second person followed by Dhoni on Instagram. Amitabh Bachchan is the first person who is followed by the former Indian captain.

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M.S Dhoni's Daughter, ZivaRecently, pictures of Dhoni and Ziva were circulating around the internet where Ziva was seen feeding water to her daddy. Dhoni had shared this cute video on Instagram and was shared more than thousand times on social media account. Soon after Ziva Dhoni joined the Instagram, she got 19 thousand followers in just two days. Oh wait, her pictures are just too awesome to be seen!

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M.S Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva

This is such an adorable click!

M.S Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva

Ziva is a stunner by herself!

M.S Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva


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