Man Freezes His Dog At -32C in russia cover

A Heartless Man Freezes His Dog At -32C And Chocked Him To Death

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A ruthless dog owner deliberately poured cold water on the dog and iced him at minus 32 degrees Celsius at Russia. A chilling video shows one-year-old female dog still alive and pathetically waving its paw pleading for help. The body of the dog was frozen to the icy ground and was literally converted into an ice block.

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According to the reports on Daily Mail, the owner of the pet in Yakutsk, which is known as the coldest city in the world deliberately left his dog to die where the temperature was a chilling -32°C. Further reports says that animal activist volunteers in Yakutsk were able to free the poor animal. The dog was rushed to the nearby vet and was given necessary treatment. Despite giving the best possible treatment, they were not able to save the dog.

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A female volunteer said:

‘The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying? The dog had exactly the same eyes, understanding everything, just unable to explain.’

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The eyes of the dog shows how helpless she was and it was quite painful to look at the condition of the pet. The volunteer said that the man should not be set free and hence they have started a petition against him where 10,000 Russians need to sign the appeal. They were also concerned with the current mental condition of the man as he can do this to his own children or family in future.

You can check out the video of the poor dog pleading for help here.

It’s sad to know how people are mistreating the animals and it’s the right time to end harming the harmless beings.

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