Man Locks Up his Mother In House

Man Locks Up 96-Year-Old Mother In House, Goes On Holiday

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According to the reports published on TOI, an elderly woman from Anandapur was locked inside the room as her elder son went on a holiday on Saturday morning. Bikash Nath, a bank employee by profession locked his mother inside the home while she was sleeping.

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Man Locks Up his Mother In House

The 96-year-old woman, Sabita Nath has now lodged a complaint with the Anandapur police station after she was rescued by her daughter. Here is what Nath said to the police,

“When I woke up I found they were all gone. There was no way I could contact him. I could understand their intentions, but I am too old to do anything. I had a few biscuits to eat. When I tried to eat them I felt like throwing up. I did not have any energy left to go to the washroom. So, I threw up inside the room and cleaned it myself.”

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Man Locks Up his Mother In House

Bikash’s sister was shocked to know that his brother, Bikash can do such thing to his old mother. Here is what Sabita’s younger son Madan said.

“We could not imagine that Bikash would do such a thing. When my sister saw the house locked from outside, she sensed something wrong. When the door was broken we found my mother lying on her bed,”

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Man Locks Up his Mother In House

Last year a similar incident came from Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad when a man locked his mother inside the house and left with his wife and children for Patna to celebrate Chhath festival.

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