McDonalds India Celebrates Onam 2017 with Special Burger Sadhya on Banana Leaf story

McDonalds India Celebrates Onam 2017 With Special Burger Sadhya On Banana Leaf

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Malayalees all around the world celebrated the auspicious occasion of Onam on 4th September 2017.  Onam also was known as the harvest festival is celebrated in Kerala with great joy and pomp. One among the most important part of this traditional Indian festival is the Onam Sadhya which is served on the banana leaf.  In order to surprise Malayalees in Kerala, McDonald’s decided to come up with some unique and innovative Onam treat.

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McDonalds India Celebrates Onam 2017 with Special Burger Sadhya on Banana Leaf 3Yes, McDonald’s decided to celebrate Onam with a special burger Sandhyaa on the banana leaf. This dish consisted of a burger and different kinds of ketchup and sauce on the banana leaf. This picture of Sadhya on the banana leaf by McDonald’s is widely shared on the social media account.

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Onam Sadhya served on banana leaf is basically a traditional dish where 23-26 dishes are served. This Onam Sadhya meal includes Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, Parippu, Avial, Kaalan, Olan, Koottukari, Erissery, Kichadi, Pachadi, Pulisseri, Injipuli, Thoran and other south Indian delicacies.  In the same way, McDonald’s served special Sadhya meal with three basic burgers with basic vegetable and spices.  It was served with some french fries, chicken nuggets, and variety of sauce on the plate.

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McDonald’s Sadhya was purely and truly loved by the teenagers in Kerala. This picture is widely shared on social media and it looks like Malayalees are quite happy with this traditional gift given by the western franchise.

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