Minister Gifts Wooden Bats To Newly Wedded Brides For An Epic Reason

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What would you generally gift to a newly wedded wife or couple? Well, we can always think about some gifts, money or flowers to be given. But this minister decided to give wooden bats to the newly wedded bride for an epic reason.

Minister Gifts Wooden Bats To Newly Wedded BridesA Madhya Pradesh minister decided to gift a ‘mogri’ or a bat to the newly wedded wives to beat their husbands if they turn alcoholic. While the mogri is generally used to wash clothes in the city, the minister advised the brides that they should be used against husbands who try to hurt them physically or turn alcoholic later.

Minister Gifts Wooden Bats To Newly Wedded BridesThe bat or the mogri has a caption written, sharabiyon ke sutara hetu bhent, police nahi bolegi’ (gift for beating drunkards, police will not intervene).

Gopal Bhargava, the minister said that he has already gifted wooden bats to almost 700 newly wedded brides. This was done when the woman in the city informed the minister that their money was snatched and used by the husband to drink alcohol.

Minister Gifts Wooden Bats To Newly Wedded BridesMinister said, “The idea of gifting mogri struck me when a woman asked me whether she should get her husband to stop drinking by beating him with this wooden plank,” The minister saw the wrong’s in the city and hence decided to take crucial steps against this issue.

Sales of alcohol is a major issue in every Indian state and unless people come together to fight against this problem, it won’t get solved. Bhargava who has been conducting mass marriages also said the brides to plant a sapling and stop illegal activities taking place in the town.

Minister Gifts Wooden Bats To Newly Wedded Brides“An atmosphere is being created in the entire state against liquor but people need to be educated on the issue. It is essential before declaring prohibition,” he added.

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