siddhu skips kapil sharma show

Now Navjot Singh Sidhu Decided To Ditch Kapil Sharma, What He Does Is Epic!

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In recent days, the Kapil Sharma show has gained a lot of controversy from around the country. It all started from a battle between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover which turned murkier later. The production house is currently under pressure as the TRP of The Kapil Sharma show is decreasing by each day.  The show’s position has dropped down from No. 4 to No. 11.

Well, recently the team decided to shot last night. The guest invited to The Kapil Sharma Show were  Sonakshi Sinha and Amaal Malik. Just a few minutes before the shoot started, Amaal informed that he could not make for the show due to some reasons. However, Sonakshi Sinha was the only guest on the couch along with Kapil Sharma.

What we observed next is Sidhu Paaji was missing from the show! Yes, Sidhu Paaji was not present on the show, did you know why?

Some reports say that Sidhu Paaji is now more into politics and if he decides to attend The Kapil Sharma show, it may take a toll on his health. Do you think this was the reason behind Sidhu’s absense?

Well, because Kapil Sharma is shooting for his upcoming movie, he wants to complete the shoot of the comedy show as soon as possible. Apart from this, the cast is working under high pressure due to the conflict and tension with the production house.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Sidhu was busy in Delhi with his rally in the afternoon and hence it might also be one among the reasons why Sidhu decided to ditch Kapil Sharma. Other sources say that Sidhu is currently upset with the conflict between the lead comedians in the show. They said, Sidhu is not enjoying the show without them and hence he might quit the show in next few days.

What is your opinion on the same? Do you think Sidhu may ditch Kapil Sharma in next few days?

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