In Order To Beat The Heat, King Cobra Stays At A Fridge In A Telangana House

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The temperature is rising day by day and apparently, we are at a point where we would love sitting inside a fridge. Sitting in a cool refrigerator is a dream come true for many during the summer season, but this common dream was fulfilled by King Cobra. Did you ever think about King Cobra sitting inside the fridge to beat the heat?

King Cobra Stays At A Fridge

A small girl got the shock of her life when she saw cobra sitting inside the fridge. The little girl went to get some cold water from the fridge and saw a cobra coiling around the vessel kept inside the fridge.

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This incident took place at Sircilla town where hundreds of people gathered around the see the 4-foot long cobra sitting inside the fridge. With the help of a snake catcher, the reptile was rescued from the fridge. It is also believed that the Cobra was under hibernation due to extremely cold temperature.

A similar incident took place a few days back when a thirsty King Cobra was found drinking water from a bottle in Karnataka. These unusual activities of King Cobra always gained attention around the world.

So, well it is not only us but even animals who are suffering from the bad heat.