priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modi

Priyanka Chopra Is Criticized For Wearing A Revealing Dress While Meeting PM Narendra Modi

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Yesterday, Priyanka Chopra’s accidental meet with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi took the internet by storm. The 34-year-old actress who met PM Narendra Modi in Berlin was criticized on social media for the dress she wore. It was said that Priyanka Chopra was not properly dressed while meeting Narendra Modi in Berlin.

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priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modiAccording to one post on Twitter, it said that Priyanka Chopra should have some basic dressing sense as she was sitting with PM Narendra Modi. Here is what the post read,  “Priyanka, you were sitting with the Prime Minister of our country. You should have at least had the basic sense of covering your legs,”

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priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modiThe actress looked quite a chic wearing a cream color above the knee dress by Marc Jacobs. The actress was criticized for showing off her legs during her meet with the Prime Minister of the country. Here is how some people showed their aggression on Priyanka Chopra’s revealing dress for her recent visit.

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priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modi

priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modiSome Twitter users told that the actress was purposely disrespecting the PM by showing off her legs. However, the actress replied to the criticism in the most sarcastic way. She posted a picture with her mother on Instagram. Wearing a short denim dress, the actress shows off her legs in this photograph while her mother wore a short skirt. The actress captioned the image as, “Legs for days… #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin,” 

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priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modiEarlier, Deepika was in news in 2014 when she showed off her cleavage.  She publicly called out a national newspaper, who posted a picture of her cleavage. “YES! I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??” Padukone tweeted to the paper.

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priyanka chopra dress while meeting narendra modiWell, some people also came in support of Priyanka Chopra saying that a woman has all the rights to dress according to her choice. What do you think about this story? Was Priyanka Chopra dressed inappropriately?

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