Reporter Body Shamed Vidya Balan 3

Reporter Body Shamed Vidya Balan & Asked Her To Loose Weight, She Shuts Him In A Perfect Way

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Bollywood loves objectifying woman! Right? Vidya Balan is one among those actresses who is known for speaking up her mind in front of the media. From showing off her bold attitude in ‘The Dirty Picture’ to giving a nail-biting experienced with her ‘Kahaani’ series, Vidya Balan has been one among the most beloved actresses in the Bollywood.

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The bold attitude and the way she handles the media makes her stand out of crowd. This time, Vidya Balan was left stunned when a reporter body shamed her and also asked her to lose weight. During a recent interview, Tumhari Sulu actress was questioned about her weight. The reporter asked Vidya,

“You are known for doing women-centric films so do you plan on doing so or are you planning to shed some extra kilos,” he asked.

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To this Vidya Balan was left stunned and confused for a moment. The reporter made it worst by asking,

“Have you thought of losing weight for glamourous roles or want to continue doing women-centric films?”

To this, Vidya Balan said that she is happy with her body and added that she would be happy to know if people change their perception over time. Vidya was baffled after hearing the question, but she gave the apt answer to the reporter.

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Reporter Body Shamed Vidya Balan 3

“I’m very happy with what I’m doing. It’d be great if there could be a change in people’s perception.”

How Vidya Balan dismissed the report is appreciable! However, the worst part is this is not the first time when Vidya Balan was asked such body-related questions. According to reports, Vidya Balan has openly spoken about her body-shaming experience in Bollywood and outer world in front of the media.

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