Committing Suicide Infront Of Train

Student Saving A Woman From Committing Suicide Infront Of Train Will Give You Chills

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We have heard stories about several people attempting suicides for numerous reason. However, recently a woman tried to commit suicide in front of the train but a student saved her from doing so. This footage was captured on camera in China where a student runs towards the train trek to save the woman few seconds before the train arrived. After been acknowledged about the woman trying for Committing Suicide Infront Of Train, the young college student rush towards the woman and grabs her arm just before she was about to leap.

In the attempt to save the woman, the student hits his head against the concrete but did not allow the woman to go. According to the reports, it is said that incident happened on May 10 at Putian station in Fujian province in Southeast China.

Check out this heart-stopping video of student saving a woman from Committing Suicide Infront Of Train.