This Indian Temple Serves Chopsuey And Noodles In Prasad

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When you hear of noodles and Manchurian, your taste buds drool and the wait to sense them becomes tougher. But when you will learn that these foods are being offered in a temple as ‘blog prasad’ your imagination would turn wild. This is indeed a true fact and you’ll be amazed to know about it.

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Chopsuey And Noodles In PrasadThe Kali Temple in Kolkata’s Tangra area, which is popularly known as the ‘Chinatown of India’ and the ‘Chinese Kali Temple’, offers noodles, Manchurian, rice, and vegetables as ‘bhog prasad’. As assumed by its name, this Kali temple is run by some Chinese folks. On the day of Kali Puja, most of the native Chinese residents from Tangra assemble in the temple to chant prayers and mantras. They usually take off their shoes and pray in front of the Goddess’ idol. The people in Tangra believe that serving this form of bhog Prasad shall bridge the gap between Indian and Chinese culture and toughen the bonds among people.

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Chopsuey And Noodles In PrasadAs perceived, the temple was built nearly 60 years ago when it was made of black stones scattered with sindoor under a tree. The Chinese later began following the sacraments. It is also believed that a 10-year old Chinese boy fell extremely ill and even the doctors failed to cure him. His broken-hearted parents lay him under the tree for several nights and phenomenally he turned well. Since then, the local Chinese people believed that there is something magical under the tree.

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Chopsuey And Noodles In PrasadThe temple with a granite wall was built nearly 12 years ago and the Goddess Kali idols have been placed. The Chinese people of Tangra donated a percentage of their money to the temple to help develop it. They light candles on Kali Puja with incense sticks. Apart from the Chinese, the Hindus even come to this temple to take blessings of Goddess Kali and hence, are served with noodles, rice, chopsuey, and vegetables.

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