Video Of Modi When He Said “GST Can Never Be Successful”

Congress Shares Old Video Of Modi When He Said “GST Can Never Be Successful”

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The historic, GST has become a reality in India. The new tax system was launched at a celebration in Central Hall of Parliament on Friday midnight which implies on ‘One Nation, One Tax’. Under GST, goods and services fall under five tax categories: 0 per cent, 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent and 28 per cent. As mentioned by Narendra Modi, The Simple And Good Tax will help to remove multiple taxes which will help to businessman run their business smoothly and also it will help people in many ways.

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Video Of Modi When He Said “GST Can Never Be Successful”Well, just few hours before PM Narendra Modi launched The GST in the Parliament House, rival party congress rolled out an old video of Modi when he said, “GST Can Never Be Successful’. The Prime Minister further said that GST is impossible to be implemented in the country.

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Congress shared the video saying, “On the question of GST, it is the BJP’s view and the Gujarat government’s view, from the very beginning, that GST can never be successful.” Check out another video of Modi speaking about GST.

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Here is what Anand Sharma, the Congress leader took on Twitter to share. He spoke about the reason why Congress decided not to be present in this celebration.

“This is not a minor issue that the government will request and just few hours before the event a major opposition party will amend its decision. Keeping in mind Parliament’s decorum and country’s tradition, we have decided not to participate in the celebration.”

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Video Of Modi When He Said “GST Can Never Be Successful”According to the Congress Party, GST will ruin small businessman in India and will be responsible for creating large-scale unemployment. Here is what Ajay Maken, Congress member said –

“GST in its present format will not only ruin small and mid-size businessmen, it will also create large-scale unemployment.”

What do you think about the GST implementation in India? Would it be successful?

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