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What Rajinikanth Did With His Fans Has Disappointed The Media

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Rajinikanth is a brand in itself! Working tirelessly at the age of 65, Rajinikanth is certainly not less than a true legend. With lakhs and crores of fan supporting this legend, something happened that has disappointed all the Rajini fans.

RajinikanthRecently, Rajinikanth has canceled the meeting cum photo opportunity with his fans. The Thalaiva has canceled this proposed meeting that was scheduled for April 12 and 16. The actor has canceled the meeting sending a voice message to the fans that meeting and greeting with all his fans would not be possible, as the condition was not feasible.

Rajinikanth told the media that he needs to cancel the proposed meeting with his fans as it is not possible for him to greet and click photos with all his fans.

RajinikanthPrevious reports suggest that Rajinikanth has proposed his meeting where his initial idea was to meet the fans, greet them and allow them to click photos with him. However, soon after few days of announcing the meet, Rajinikanth realized the problems and complications that would arise in the meeting. He then went ahead with the idea of group photos but fans were quite disappointed and upset with this decision of Rajnikant.

Rajinikanth in robotPacifying down the wrath and disappointment between the audience, Thalaiva has promised to come up with a similar plan in future. It is said that Rajinikanth has stopped meeting his fans after some unfortunate incident that happened in the past.

On a professional front, Rajinikanth is busy shooting for his upcoming movie, 2.0. 2.0 also stars national award winner, Akshay Kumar.

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