why Deepika Padukone did Om shanti Om for free 2

10 Years Of Om Shanti Om: Why Highest Paid Actress Deepika Padukone Did This Movie For Free

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It has been almost a year since Deepika Padukone made her first Bollywood debut with Om Shanti Om in 2007. Recently, the internet has split into two after the news broke out that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is paying a whopping amount of Rs. 13 crores for his lead star, Deepika Padukone for her upcoming movie, Padmavati. Some supported the fair choice of the director while some others wanted the male lead stars to bag hefty cheques from the director.

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National award winner, Kangana Ranaut was the first Bollywood actress who openly spoke about he remuneration from the movie. The actress openly said that she charges s. 11 crore for doing a movie (the number is not confirmed yet) the three-time National Award winner was the first one to speak against the hefty pay cheques paid to the lead stars in spite of having no or low role in the script.

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Recently, Deepika Padukone has emerged to be the highest paid actress in the Bollywood. She is also featured is the list of Forbes richest actress in the world. Well, not to forget Deepika Padukone’s Bollywood journey was not an easy one. After trying her hands in modeling, Padmavati actress was soon able to make her own space in the industry as A list actress.

She was casted with Shahrukh Khan in her first Bollywood movie, and boy o boy she managed to steal our hearts with her innocent acting and killing smile. Deepika Padukone was launched with great pomp which allowed her to grab the fame very soon.

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why Deepika Padukone did Om shanti Om for free 2

The whole country went gaga over Deepika Padukone’s uber look in the movie, Om Shanti Om. According to media reports, Deepika Padukone did not charge a single penny for this movie. She did Om Shanti Om for free as she considered this to be a great fortune to kick-start her Bollywood career. With sheer determination and hard work, Deepika Padukone’s first on-screen appearance heaped praises not only in India but also in other Asian countries as well. Well, all I can say is after Om Shanti Om, stars worked in the favor of the actress.

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