why you should not allow your dog to kiss

Be Careful Dog Owners! This Is Why You Should Never Allow Your Dog To Lick You


Friendship, love, and company – these are the best thing that a dog can offer you without complaints.  Every one of us loves our pets and it has been more than 1000 years where a friendship of man and dog has been justified.

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dog licking a person

Well, one thing that is common in all the dogs is they love licking your face. Isn’t it?  You may see this as an adorable and affectionate act, but the after-effects of a dog licking your face may terrify your life.

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do not allow dog to lick you


While dog loves to display affection by licking and kissing your face, all the bacteria in his mouth and tongue gets transferred on your face which can be seriously harmful. Off course, don’t believe the myth that dogs mouth is much cleaner and hygienic than a human’s mouth.

While dog’s saliva contains proteins which help to cleanse his mouth naturally, there are some harmful and zoonotic bacteria which can get transferred into humans thus leading to disease. According to studies, it is said that when these bacteria are transferred from dogs to human it may lead to gastrointestinal disease in a person.

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side affects of dog licking a person

Apart from this dogs can also carry hookworms and roundworms from eating feces which gets transferred to your face while licking. So, when your dog licks your face or mouth, stop him from doing so.

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