Indian Muslims Celebrating After India's Loss Against Pakistan

You Will Be Angry To See How Indian Muslims Celebrated After India’s Loss Against Pakistan

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The men in blue failed to chase Pakistani players in ICC Champions Trophy finals. The Indian cricket team did not play up to the mark and eventually lost the match by 180 runs. Indian team captain, Virat Kohli was upset with the performance of the team but meanwhile, he appreciated Pakistani players for chasing Indian bowlers very well.

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Virat Kohli admitted the fact that they did very little on filed expect Hardik Pandya whose knockout was exceptional. Well, we hope that Virat Kohli and his team will learn the mistake from yesterday’s match and will come back with the bang. Meanwhile, there is a lot of celebrations observed in Pakistan after their terrific victory against India.

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How Much 10 Second Ad Is Charged During India Pakistan FinalsHave you ever wondered how Indian Muslims reacted on India’s loss against Pakistan? After India lost the finals, celebrations were not only observed in Pakistan but there were many Indians who came out in support of Pakistan. Indians who were quite upset with the loss of India could hear crackers in their surrounding.

Twitterati could not handle this shame and took on Twitter to share how Indian Muslims are celebrating Pakistan’s win and India’s loss in India.










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