Price of virat kohlis drinking water

You Will Be Shocked To Know The Price Of Water Which Virat Kohli Drinks

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Indian captain, Virat Kohli has been enjoying the stardom due to his excellent performance on fields.  A right-hand batsman often regarded as one among the best cricketer manages to be in a headline for all the good reason. Virat is remembered for his furious and aggressive style of batting on the field.

Virat Kohli drinks Evian waterVirat attributes his success to the strict diet he follows apart from his daily workout. The cricketer is on no-oil diet and his diet contains a high amount of protein rich food. He has stopped eating junk food at all, and bread and chapatis are a big no-no to the Indian team captain. He consumes a lot of salmon fish and lamb chops no matter wherever he is.

Virat Kohli drinks Evian waterWell, now comes an astonishing news about the water which Virat Kohli drinks. According to the reports published on, it is said that Virat drinks the most expensive water.  The water that Virat drink is not much popular, due to its price but the quality of the water is mind blowing.

Virat Kohli drinks Evian waterVirat Kohli drinks water which is exported from France. Evian water is a special type of water which is especially filled from a natural spring that is located in a rural area in France. Further, it is said that one bottle of Evian bottle cost Rs. 600.

Virat Kohli drinks Evian waterThis water bottle is extremely rare and is not available in all the countries and hence Virat makes sure he carries them everywhere he goes. Well, Virat is spending his money on a water bottle which is the costliest in the world.

Currently, Virat Kohli is in RCB team and is struggling to make his place in the top of the list.

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