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Bullet Bras Were Trend During 40’s ; These Garments Will Poke Your Eyes To The Core

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A bra is an essential part of every woman’s life. Bra not only supports a woman’s breast but it prevents from sagging or destroying the shape of the breast. Choosing a right type of bra is important as it can directly impact your breast and may also lead to several changes in the body. Well, from ultra sheer bra to pushups and lacey bra, there is the innumerable type of bra available in the market.

One among the rarest type of bra which trended years back is bullet bra. You don’t get to see bullet bras these days but bullet bras were in rage during 40’s and 50’s First bullet bra was worn by Madonna which was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier during her Blond Ambition Tour back in 1990.

So, scroll down to check out some of the best bullet bras which created trend during those days.

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1. Posing like a Boss!
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2. She carried it with confidence!Bullet Bras worn by woman

3. That’s beautiful!
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4. These bullet bras attracted a lot of attention during those days. Bullet Bras worn by woman

5. The real purpose behind wearing these undergarments is still unknown.
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6. Isn’t she happy wearing them?Bullet Bras worn by woman

7. Ahh! I am speechless!
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8. The glittering task!Bullet Bras worn by woman

9. Grace and confidence!
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