Neighbour Quietly Takes 8-Month-Old Baby Out Of Home, Rapes Her Brutually

8 month old baby was raped by neighbour cover

While the country is still left in dilemma after the brutal Kathua case, there are more rape cases coming into the limelight. In today’s shocking news, an 8-month-old baby was mercilessly raped by a neighbor who quietly took her out to play.

This horrifying incident took place in Harsana Village of Alwar district. The girl suffered from several injuries after the incident happened on Wednesday.

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8 month old baby was raped by neighbour cover Here is what the police said,

“A man from the neighbourhood came to the child’s house and took her out on the pretext of playing with her. Girl was later found injured and is now out of danger,”

The accused has been handed over to the police by the villagers and further investigation is going on. This case has again brought a shame to the country and raised a question about the security of the woman in the country.

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