Not Just Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja Changes His Name After Marriage, Shut Down Trollers

anand ahuja changed his surname cover

Sonam Kapoor just got married to Anand Ahuja and internet is in no mood to settle down sooner. Diva’s marriage became the talk of the town and not only the Kapoor’s but everyone enjoyed Sonam Kapoor Ki Shaadi. The couple got married on May 8 and certainly gave us couple goals.

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Anand Ahuja changed his name after sonam kapoor As soon as the actress tied a knot to his longtime boyfriend, Anand Ahuja she changed her name to “Sonam K Ahuja” which means “Sonam Kapoor Ahuja” on her social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram.

Anand Ahuja changed his name after sonam kapoor Fans slammed Sonam Kapoor for changing her surname being a feminist to which she said,

“I have always said that I am a feminist. I have the choice to change my name to what I want to. Kapoor is also my father’s name. So it is a man’s name anyway. I chose to keep both. Anand has also changed his name but nobody wrote about that. I just decided to do it on social media because that’s my platform to say that I have made a choice. It is my personal choice. Nobody put a gun to my head. You should ask him (Anand). He has also changed his name and decided to add something as well.”

anand ahuja changed his name cover

And now it is not Sonam but her husband, Anand Ahuja who is breaking the internet. Anand Ahuja has changed his name from “Anand Ahuja” to “Anand S Ahuja” which is Anand Sonam Ahuja. This is enough to shut down the trollers who trolled Sonam for changing the surname.

anand ahuja changed his name

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