Andre Russell’s Wife Is A Jamaican Model And Is The Hottest In The Cricket World

Andre Russell's wife Jassym Lora

Andre Russel has always been famous in the cricketing world for his big hits, aggressive bowling style and his unique hairstyle entertaining his fans all around the world. Andre excels in all aspects of crickets and his forte is T20 cricket. But these talents are not making him the talk of the town nowadays. Russel is the envy of all players due to his hot and beautiful wife Jassym Lora. Here we introduce you to Andre Russel’s wife Jassym Lora.

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1. Jassym is hands down winning in the hot WAG (Wife and Girlfriends) department.

The secret ingredient is always Love. 🕊 #novababe

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2. Jassym hails from Jamaica and is a supermodel.

Oh heyy! @bhufoods + #paradise 💚

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3. Her picture can light your screens on fire along with your imaginations.

2017. ✌🏽

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4. Jassym is from Miami Florida and currently living with her husband in West Indies.

Women are really dope when there’re Happy. 💕 #Birthday

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5. She had a long-term relationship with Andre Russel.

What she put me through! 🤷🏽‍♀️ #maidofhonorduties

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6. The couple got engaged in 2014 and ended up marrying in July 2016.

The story behind this picture! 🎩🎩👑 #Flash #flash

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7. Jassym often accompanies her husband of his tours and can be spotted on stands cheering for him.

Dubai 📍 #youguysrememberPepe #imisshim #mydubai #dubai

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8. She makes sure to give a whiff of her latest photo shoot to her Instagram followers by updating the platform with her gorgeous pictures.

9. Jassym is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. The couple is happily living together and enjoying wedding bliss.

Sassy, classy and bad-assy. 🖤 #newyork

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10. Andre on many occasions has posted some really awesome pictures of his wife; we are guessing Andre believes in “if you have it flaunt it”!

Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is GOLD. 👑 #artbasel2017

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Both of them on numerous occasion been seen being candid on social media by posting Dubsmash videos. The couple was seen enacting a dialogue from the famous movie Wedding Crashers 2005.