Even Boys Get Raped In India : 17 YO Boy Gangraped, Rods Inserted Into His Private Parts

Soon after reading the title, I could say nothing but conclude it mentioning, No rape is not just for girls. Even boys are not safe in India and they are getting brutally raped.

Recently, it was reported that a 17-year-old boy was gang-raped in Ghaziabad by 5 men. According to the Ghaziabad police, a 17-year-old student was sodomized by 5 men in the state who went further to insert rods in his private parts. The spine-chilling incident happened a day ago when the student was coming back to his home after giving the motorcycle to repair.

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Boy Gangraped In Ghaziabad, rods inserted in his private parts


Senior Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Krishna has mentioned that 5 men “dragged the teenager inside a shop and sodomised him”. When the student resisted, they went further to insert the rod in his rectum and film the complete incident in their mobile phone. Not only this, they also robbed the student of Rs. 1600.

Boy Gangraped In Ghaziabad 2


A case has been registered case under relevant sections of the IPC and the POCSO Act. The father of the victim said that these men have been harassing the boy from very long time. Furthermore, he also said that one among the men was the son of a police inspector.

For those who said a girl’s dress or outfit was the prime reason behind increasing rapes in India, would you like to give similar justification for the same? Why are men getting raped in India?