Hater Decided To Teach “Sikh” Lesson To Harbhajan, He Shuts Him Down Like A Boss

Harbhajan Singh is one among those cricketers who is equally active on social media as well as on the field. The experienced cricketer has always made news for raising social issues and concerns through famous micro-blogging platform, Twitter. However, when it comes to his fans and followers, few of them turn out to be Bhajji haters.

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Harbhajan Singh shuts down a troller Every one of us knows that celebrities have haters who try to put them down on the social media platform. Just a day ago, Harbhajan Singh took on Twitter to upload a picture of himself wearing a cap. The cricketer missed out wearing a Turban while having fun with his teammates.


However, this video did not go well with one of his followers. He decided to teach Harbhajan Singh “Sikh” lessons and said that Sikhs look good only in patkas or turbans. This was a religious advice he gave to the ace cricketer.

He wrote,

“Bhaji… (U r younger to me inspite of that I said Bhaji to u becoz ur acheivments r much better then me) u kept title Harbhajan Turbanator.If u can’t afford to wear Turban.Pls wear patka with little juda So u look Sardar.presant look is disgusting.”

However, Bhajji is not among those cricketers who will take the trolls silently. Instead of ignoring, he gave them a befitting reply.

He said, “Bhai apne ghar me gyaan baat, mujhe sardaari mat sikha. God Bless you.”

Harbhajan Singh shuts down a troller

Well, we believe Harbhajan’s response was the best one!

Source Twitter