Hater Said Richa Chadha Removes ‘Chaddi’ In Every Movie, She Shuts Him Like A Boss

Hater Said Richa Chadha Removes ‘Chaddi’ In Every Movie

Like we have mentioned earlier, it looks like social media platform has now turned into social evil as fans march in and shame the actresses for no reason. There are many people who love moral policing the actress and also give them unwanted lessons on the social media.

At this time, when the whole country is focusing on the sad incidents that recently took place, there are few people who get time to troll others.

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Hater Said Richa Chadha Removes ‘Chaddi’ In Every Movie Bollywood star, Richa Chadha is one among those actresses who have always raised voice for the national issues of the country. She was one among the actress who took on social media to demand justice on the Kathua and Unnao case.

Hater Said Richa Chadha Removes ‘Chaddi’ In Every Movie She took on Twitter to speak against the case which was a part of a political conspiracy to drive out the Bakherwal community from the region. The actress also raised a voice against security and safety of a woman in the country.

The actress wrote,

“Dear govt,plz change #BetiBachao to #BetiHumHiSeBachao.Your MLAs are making a mockery of your slogan.A victims father is killed in jail?Don’t claim to be #Hindu.You don’t view women as Goddess forms,so end this hypocrisy NOW! #JusticeForAshifa #VarnikaKundu”


Although many of them supported Richa Chadha on her tweet, a hater raised a question as she has done many intimate movies in the past.

He wrote,

“That woman is preaching about the character who’s seen removing clothes in every movie”

Well, when it comes to Richa, she is certainly not among the actresses who take trolls silently. Here is what she responded –


This response given by Richa Chadda shows how smart she is when it comes to handling the trollers. Richa is not the only actress who faces shamming and abusing on the social media platform.

Over the year, we have seen many celebrities facing such problems on the social media. It is saddening to know that fans have now started to become trollers and haters of the celebs.

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